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Photo tour Santorini

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The Blue Domes always on the Top 

Santorini volcano  

a truly unique light on the deep blue Aegean Sea ...
Friends ♥♥♥
Golden sunset over  Santorini
that is an amazing Santorini!!!!

Goodbye to Summer - Welcome to Autumn
whitewashed houses, clear blue skies
yellow door
Summer flowers in Santorini
superb clear view out over the Aegean Sea 
photo by Tryfon Georgopoulos #hotelartphotography
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Church with the white-washed walls and blue dome.
Church bells Imerovigli
daisy flower Imerovigli
They are so special ♥
A purple flower in Santorini
very smart.. Santorini cats
Oia -Ia
Oia is a small town and former community in the South Aegean on the islands of Thira and Therasia, in the Cyclades, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it has been part of the municipality of Santorini, of which it is a municipal unit
beautiful scenery of Santorini
Cute Cat in Santorini
Santorini flowers and gardens over the caldera of  Santorini
Oia- Santorini
 Little Owl on Santorini
 Panoramic view of Santorini
Santorini cats keep walking
black and white and somewhere is a cat :) Santorini
Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic= Lillian Jackson Broun
The panoramic bay of Santorini . Photo by Tryfon Georgopoulos- Hotel Art Photography
 The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.  ~Jules Reynard
Thirasia's cat- Santorini

Mysterious clouds over Volcanos- Santorini. photo Tryfon Georgopoulos
My favorite place-Santorini- wonderful view over caldera to the volcano

amazing sunset from Firostefani
Santorini panorama
House in Finikia. A picturesque village sculptured into the banks of the torrent. Colorful  houses and horizontal lines, a delightful calm contrast to the wild passion of the caldera. Vineyards and scattered chapels decorated with humble offerings dedicated by old sailors
Volcanic rock
Bougainvillea, also known as Napoleón (Honduras), veranera (Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama), trinitaria (Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & Venezuela), Santa Rita (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay) or papelillo (northern Peru)) is a genus of flowering plants native to South America from Brazil west to Peru and south to southern Argentina (Chubut Province)
everyone needs a vacation
The traditional houses in Thirasia.
Thirasia is a beautiful and touristically unspoilt island conveniently close to Santorini that you can reach in 15 minutes using a boat from Ia
Cactus growing in black volcanic soil 
Santorini sights
Santorini Tryfon Georgopoulos
Unusual for the travelers but traditional for Santorini :)
Traditional Caldera style houses
vineyards and windmill houses
Santorini village
Volcanic stones
photo by Tryfon Georgopoulos  
A view from the caldera -Firostefani
photo by Tryfon Georgopoulos  
Santorini weddings
photo:Tryfon Georgopoulos
photo:Tryfon Georgopulos  
 photo:Tryfon Georgopulos
photo:Tryfon Georgopulos  
 photo:Tryfon Georgopulos
photo:Tryfon Georgopulos
photo:Tryfon Georgopulos
                                                             photo:Tryfon Georgopulos

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