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Photography by Tryfon Georgopoulos

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First may I thank you all for sharing and +1 and enjoy my  photogallery!
Have a great day !

 Tryfon Georgopoulos, Athens- Greece-
there is beauty in simplicity
Santorini sunset Imerovigli
Beautiful lanscape of Zakynthos -Zante. Next to the Navagio beach
Navagio Beach (Greek: Ναυάγιο), or the Shipwreck, is an isolated sandy cove on Zakynthos island and one of the most famous beaches in Greece. It is notable because it is home to the wreck of the alleged smuggler ship Panagiotis; thus, it is often referred to as 'Smugglers Cove'.
Navagio is located on the north-west shore of the Ionian island of Zakynthos (Zante), in the Municipality of Elation. The area is defined by its sheer limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, and clear blue water, which attract thousands of tourists yearly.
...and did you know that ???
The shipwreck is an old coaster named "Panagiotis". Legend has it that it was a smuggling ship that capsized on the beach in 1980 while unloading its cargo of contraband cigarettes - apparently a regular activity on the isolated beach -, or while being pursued by the Hellenic Coast Guard depending on the story you read. That's how the beach has acquired the nickname "smugglers cove".
Keri beach-Zakynthos- Zante-Lesante- Greece
old small church on the way to the  Navagio beach- Zante - Zakynthos
The desserts -Egg White Cake with glaced pear and fresh strawberries. Bon Apetit!
Tribune Tower, also known as Cathedral of Commerce. Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Inspired by the Button Tower of the cathedral at Rouen, France, the Tribune Tower exemplifies the way American architects have elevated office buildings to sacred status. Newspaper publisher Colonel Robert R. McCormick held a $50,000.00 international competition to design, "the most beautiful and eye-catching office building in the world." In some estimations, it succeeded. The tower has all of the traditional elements of a skyscraper plus heritage expressed in flying buttresses, spires, grotesques, and more. The base of the Tribune Tower contains 120 stones from important locations all around the world, including the Parthenon, in Greece; the pyramids, in Egypt; the Taj Mahal, in India; the Alamo, in San Antonio; the Great Wall of China; and Injun Joe Cave in Missouri.
  • Construction start: 1922
  • Construction finish: 1925
  • Designed by: Raymond Hood, and John Mead Howells
  • Type: Skyscraper
  • Stories: 34
  • Maximum Height: 463 feet / 141 meters
  • The full moon over Santorini
    St.Petersburg- Russia
    New York at night
    Chicago trump tower. The Trump International Hotel and Tower, also known as Trump Tower Chicago and Trump Tower, is a skyscraper condo-hotel in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The building, named after billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump, was designed by architect Adrian Smith of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Bovis Lend Lease built the 96-story structure, which reached a height of 1,389 feet (423 m) including its spire, its roof topping out at 1,170 feet (360 m). It is adjacent to the main branch of the Chicago River, with a view of the entry to Lake Michigan beyond a series of bridges over the river
    Central Park is a public park at the center of Manhattan in New York City.The park initially opened in 1857, on 778 acres (315 ha) of city-owned land (it is 840 acres today). In 1858, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux won a design competition to improve and expand the park with a plan they entitled the Greensward Plan. Construction began the same year, continued during the American Civil War, and was completed in 1873. Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States
    Most of the people who visit Greece have already heard of Acropolis and the Parthenon and the famous Herodion Theatre. Herodion Theatre is located on the left side (south slope) of the entrance of the Acropolis, knows as Propylaea
    Trinity Church in the City of Boston, located in the Back Bay of Boston, Massachusetts was founded in 1733.Trinity Church is the only church in the United States and the only building in Boston that has been honored as one of the "Ten Most Significant Buildings in the United States" by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). In 1885, architects voted Trinity Church as the most important building in the U.S

    An Actor Prepares- Japan
    The Japanese theatrical  actor before a stage
    Fresh Home made bread. ..A crisp, crunchy crust ...dipping in olive oil or marinara..topped with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil...
     A full moon at the Sounio villas. Sounio- Attica
    by the way the Sounio villas are available for a rent. Contact us.
    Sailing Yachts at Marina -Athens
    It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.Bern Williams
    Santorini sunset-volcano and the Skaros rock

    Really weird clouds-Santorini-Firastefani
    Caper flower-Santorini
    Capparis spinosa, the caper bush, also called Flinders rose
    The plant is best known for the edible flower buds (capers), often used as a seasoning, and the fruit (caper berry), both of which are usually consumed pickled. Other species of Capparis are also picked along with C. spinosa for their buds or fruits. Other parts of Capparis plants are used in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics
    Bon Voyage ... Ferry port- Santorini
    1000 faces of Santorini- caldera -volcano
    Place de la Concorde- Paris-France.The Place was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel in 1755 as a moat-skirted octagon between the Champs-Élysées to the west and the Tuileries Garden to the east. Decorated with statues and fountains, the area was named Place Louis XV to honor the king at that time. The square showcased an equestrian statue of the king, which had been commissioned in 1748 by the city of Paris, sculpted mostly by Edmé Bouchardon, and completed by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle after the death of Bouchardon

    At night, the unique buildings takes on a different view with colorful lights; this one is a big Coca Cola bottle. Shanghai 
    Dancing House -the Nationale-Nederlanden building - in Prague.It was designed by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in co-operation with the renowned Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry on a vacant riverfront plot. The building was designed in 1992 and completed in 1996
    Once Upon a Time in Riga Old Town. Latvia
    My great Summer in  Santorini
    Sea shells. Mykonos  
    Big meets Bigger. Rubby Princess and Santorini
    Chicago Twin towers -USA
    Noon siesta. Beijing-China
    Copenhagen Denmark

    Squirrel in the park. Boston 
    San Francisco - sailing

    door to Aegean
    a scenic  photo shooting in an exclusive caldera and volcano brand new villas
    The harpist. Santorini weddings

    photo shooting at Galini cafe and hotel "Relaxing smmer hit"
    Photo shooting at Galini villas Santorini
    private jacuzzi with an unspoiled volcano view
    Delicious photo shoots  at the Gourmet Restaurants
    great photo  collage collection of the different photo shoots "Bring closer a summer!"
    Restaurant Neptune Zakynthos

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     Aqua Luxury Suites over the Caldera Santorini 
    A door  in Santorini
    a few nice colourful beeeaters ...visitors of Santorini !
    Night light  photography reflections. Firostefani. Santorini
     A bride. Santorini
     Aqua Luxury Suites more photos
     Aqua Luxury Suites.  Privat Jakuzzi
    Lesante luxury hotel and Spa. Zakynthos
    Photos by Tryfon Georgopoulos, Athens- Greece